2019 has been an important year for our company. The partnerships have allowed us to increase the value of our proposals, and that’s exactly what has happened with the Torello Group and with the company Polliccelli.

For Luciano Trasporti, the commercial relationship with the Torello Group, is structured in a customer-supplier relationship capable of increasing the effectiveness of our offer. Our company is a customer of the Officine TN Service and last year, in front of our representatives as well as exponents of the Torello Group and of TN Service and as well as Mercede-Benz senior executives, the delivery of 5 tractors Actros 1848 was held.

The relationship with the company Pollicelli Srl, is funded on principles of professionalism, trust and respect, with numerous vehicles set up and delivered to our company. Worthy of mention are the characteristics of one of the last vehicles that have been delivered to us: “full” engine isothermal connection and chariot with communicating interchange passage for easy loading/unloading of goods, tail lift Dhollandia Italia Srl built into the frame, finishes in brushed stainless steel and unfailing attention to detail.

When the partner increases the value of your proposal

We choose our partner by virtue of a single cardinal principle, for which the quality standard that we want to guarantee must be shared by both, so as to create a perfect balance between supply of goods and services and optimal management capacity of the same.

A perfect synergy leads to the maximization of productivity, working efficiency and human relationships,this is the reason why, for us, the cultivation of partnerships is of fundamental importance. We want to ensure that those relationships will allow us to grow together and to create long term strategies, with the ultimate goal of always guaranteeing the full satisfaction of our clientele.

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